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The FDA is threatening compounded hormones, which is a threat to the health of your patients

And that's why we're fighting for your pharmacy 

APC Tracy Acosta APC Phung Matthews
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Using the flawed NASEM report as motivation, the FDA says it will consider new restrictions on compounded hormones (cBHT) that could profoundly affect your patients, your prescribers and your business. 

The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding is working every day to defend compounded hormones and the entire compounding profession. 

APC exists to fight for your best interests from a wide range of threats. Now, more than ever, we need you to be an active member of our organization. Join APC today and help protect the future of compounding.

Join APC

Join APC now to protect your patients and your business

Join APC today and we will provide you with tools to help communicate the FDA's threat to compounded hormones with your patients and prescribers.

These tools include: 

• Posters to display in your pharmacy

• Bag stuffers to share with patients when they pick up  prescriptions

• Access to powerful videos, including patient testimonials, on the value that compounding pharmacists bring to each patient's life

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